Sydney Apple Store

Yes i was one of those in line for over an hour waiting to get in to claim my free t shirt. This was rather disappointing when i ran into a few friends who didn’t join the line till after it opened and still managed to grab a T-Shirt. They were still handing them out when i left. at time of writing there is already three on ebay, one currently going for $90.

Sydney Apple Store

So why did i brave the crowds? My excuse was that i work less the 100 meters from the new store so i couldn’t Not go could i now? Due to Apples Cult like fowling they don’t need to advertise events, the media does it for them. One MacTalk Forum member got interviewed over 15 times while waiting in line. Not such events are truly complete without a good Bonehead. I felt it only right that i should facilitate this factor.

Apple Store BoneHead
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