Install Crowd Apache2 Module

For all those who use Atlassian Products such as Jira or Confluence, you may or may not be familiar with Crowd now for anyone using Jira and Confluence it can allow you to use your existing user DB for multiple other systems, Personally i use it as a client access database to keep external users out of my AD database wherever possible while allowing internal users to still access these systems with their AD accounts.

With the right plug-in’s you can hook the system into pretty much everything, the most flexible one is the Apache 2 module, personalty i use it mostly as i had endless troubles getting recursive sub group lockups working with the free Apache modules floating around.

If you need to use a proxy, set it now

For Debian just copy and past the commands below, for other Distrobutions you will need to install the equivalent packages

Then to download, install and build the required modules the commands below should work.

From Here the Atlassian Article Integrating Crowd with Apache is the best place to go

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