Trying to maintain a blog while also maintaining ownership and control over your data is both easier and harder than it ever was. While there are endless free platforms to get started you make compromises and while you can run something like Wordpress yourself your forever patching the endless vulnerabilities.

I have been attempting to try Jekyll for years for the promise of static generated content so i don’t need to worry about the maintenance overhead. After many failed attempts


Markdown seems to have won the war on the best way to just write content and worrying about formatting later, i have tried endless tools but after giving IA Writer a shot i just seem to have found something that just seems to work for me, the main issue was just how to keep it in sync. The solution for me was to over complicate it with git.

Git is a version control system primarily designed for teams working on source code collaboratively but it just works fine for individuals and it loves text documents like markdown.

the mix of just being able to work on any of my devices with the same up (once setup :/) and then worrying about publishing later has worked wonders for me.

the format of keeping it in markdown makes it easier for me if i want to dump Jekyll in the future for something like Hugo, Hexo or any of the other static site generators in the future.

blog v articles

So one of the biggest changes in this process is just to write and worry about content later, most of what i end up writing is point in time brain dumps or notes in varying degrees of organization and this is just a way to maintain them or publish them. The move away from using a blog format to an article format removes the urge to attach a narrative around it that one one cares about and get just on with the content

The main problem with the article format is how to add context to the reader of the age and the relevance of the content without having to maintain this myself, thankfull someone has already built a module for this and i can just add it to my template. How well this will work we will see.

dropbox dead?

share knowlage when is knowlage share a story when its a story dont dresss up knowlage with a story if it does not add value