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Subversion 1.6 on Debian Lenny

Currently the Version of Subversion in Debian Lenny is 1.5.1, there are a few bugs in this that could be show stoppers if you are using a write through proxy setup for your SVN Repo’s as i have. There are two bugs that keep cropping up, one that is solved in 1.5.5, the other in 1.6, however if you want to use debian packages the easiest way i have found to install them is as follows

Update 1: Few people are having problems, this guide assumes your running lenny with the default svn packages already installed, to do this try running the command below to install the latest version from apt (1.5.x as i write this) including the required Apache modules

Update 2: New post on how to extend this guide to go from svn 1.6.1 to svn 1.6.3 – Debian: Upgrade Svn 1.6.1 to 1.6.3

Update 3:This post was originally just some notes for me on highly critical production servers that all had to be running exactly the same versions and i had to have a very controled upgrade, However google sends a few hundred people here a month! So i thought id include the better general way that has been in the comments for awhile

Update 4: Guide now available for SVN 1.7

The best way are the commands below.

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Hidden VMWare ESXi Console!

This little hack allows you to run commands directly at the server itself and is very handy for doing things like enabling SSH in inetd.conf. First thing first. This only works on the fee based version not the free one and you must be sitting at the server and not RCLI.

  • Step One: At the server console type ALT-F1
  • Step Two: Now you’ll just see basically a console log with no prompt. Don’t sweat it! Just type: unsupported and hit enter. This does not echo back so you will not see your input.
  • Step Three: Now a big scary tech support warning will pop up. Just laugh it off and enter your server password at the prompt.

And you’re in! I really just do this to enable SSH but I have also used this to edit etc/hosts to rule out DNS issues.

From NetworkWorld

Install VMware Tools – Debian Lenny

Quick tip for anyone running Debian Lenny under VMware. As the tools were open sourced you can now find an implementation in your apt tree. Although personally i haven’t seen a quick and easy guide floating around.

Run the fowling as root

Update!: If you are getting out of date tools in your vmware see this comment for an explination

Sydney Apple Store

Yes i was one of those in line for over an hour waiting to get in to claim my free t shirt. This was rather disappointing when i ran into a few friends who didn’t join the line till after it opened and still managed to grab a T-Shirt. They were still handing them out when i left. at time of writing there is already three on ebay, one currently going for $90.

Sydney Apple Store

So why did i brave the crowds? My excuse was that i work less the 100 meters from the new store so i couldn’t Not go could i now? Due to Apples Cult like fowling they don’t need to advertise events, the media does it for them. One MacTalk Forum member got interviewed over 15 times while waiting in line. Not such events are truly complete without a good Bonehead. I felt it only right that i should facilitate this factor.

Apple Store BoneHead
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Yet another WordPress Install

Another day another word press install. I have lost track of how many of these i have done. Most of them never get more then about 5 posts before i get bored of them or a new WordPress bug comes out and they get hacked. Ah well there’s no time like the present to start over a new leaf?