There are lots of guides online about what credit card is the best for this and that, however, I have never found one focused on travel or more specifically cards with a 0% international transaction fee. This is that guide

The Free Cards

If all you get is two cards, these are the two. They will do just about everything you need for a trip and should never cost you a cent

Debit Card

Citibank Plus Transaction Account - $0

This account is the card you need for when you get cash out while traveling. 0% international fees all the time and no monthly or yearly fee’s.

Few things to consider

  1. Citibank isn’t really a global bank, if you lose it while traveling, your dealing with Australian call center, you cant walk into a local branch.
  2. At time of writing there is still no PayID/NPP/Osko support so it still takes a few days to transfer money into this account when you need it.
  3. Card used to be a Visa but switched to Master Card a few years ago, not a problem but i like to keep one of each just in case and i haven’t found a good Visa yet.

Credit Card

Bankwest Zero Mastercard - Platinum - $0

This is my card for everything other then getting cash out. Main thing here is that you need to be approved for a limit of $6,000 or more to get the Platinum card to qualify for the no international transaction fees.

The Paid Cards

If I’m paying a yearly fee it has to be a card where i earn points. I stick with Qantas Cards

  1. Bankwest Qantas Platinum MasterCard - $160/Year - 0.75 points/$ up to $2500
  2. Bankwest Qantas World Mastercard - $270/Year - 1 point/$ up to $5000